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Decorative Landscape CurbingDecorative Landscape Curbing


What is decorative landscape curbing and how is it installed?

These are good questions and hopefully this article will help explain the processing of creating and laying decorative landscape curbing.

Decorative landscape curbing is a continuous strip of concrete that can be shaped and molded in many different forms. The layout of the curbing is only limited by your imagination. For example, decorative curbing can be added:

  • Around trees
  • Down a fence line
  • Line a sidewalk or driveway
  • In front of planting beds
  • Completely encircling a planting bed

These are some of the more popular uses for decorative curbing and each one of them and more  can be used to create a design that complements your yard.

Installing decorative curbing is a labor insensitive job but most jobs can be completed in one day.  The process of installing landscape curbing involves these steps.

Curbing Layout

Once a design is chosen spray paint is used to mark the outline.  The outline will not only assist the labor of laying the decorative curbing down but it also help the home owner to see what the design will look like.  If the design doesn’t look quite right then it’s easy to fix it before the actual concrete is applied.

Ground Preparation

It’s very important for the quality of the job to make sure that the path the curbing will follow is level and free of debris and that the ground is as level as possible.  A machine known as a mulcher  is often used to remove a 9 to 10 inch path about 1 inch deep which will outline where the curbing will be laid.  The path assists the curbing process to be completed quickly and without leaving a mess.

Mixing The Cement

Getting the cement mix right is really the most import part of creating the decorative landscape curbing. Getting the mix to wet will cause the concrete to sag and makes it very difficult to mold the cubing correctly. Getting the mix to dry makes it hard to put the finishing touch to the curbing mold.

The cement is prepared by combining sand, portland cement, and the right amount of water. There are other options that can be added depending on the desired look. For example, if a home owner wants the cement to be a certain color then a color mix would be added to allow the color to be mixed into the cement which gives the concrete a permanent color. Also, depending on the area of the country a fiber mix may be added to the mix which will help minimize cracks in the curbing.

Laying Down The Curbing

When the right cement mixture has been achieved the cement is wheelbarrow-ed to the area where the mulcher was used to prepare a path for the curbing.  Here the cement will be put into a curbing machine which will lay the desired curb using a mold which is attached to the curbing machine.  There are several molds that can be used.  The slant and lawnmower molds are two of the more popular molds.

The Finishing Touches

When the cement is extruded from the curbing machine it will often leave small imperfections such as areas where a little cement needs added or small cracks form.  To fix these imperfections specially shaped trowels are used to smooth the surface of the curb.  When this special cement mixture is still wet it can be molded and imperfections fixed much like clay.

Designs, Textures and Patterns

The mold used to create a shape for the curb is only one way to create a unique decorative curbing design.  Depending on the mold used it’s possible to add creative designs, textures, and patterns to the cement curbing.

Final Touches

Once the curbing has been laid and finished expansion joints are cut every three to four feet to help prevent cracking.  If designs, textures, or patterns were added a sealer is sprayed onto the finished curb to protect the curb and to give it a shine.  It is recommended that curbing be re-sealed annually to protect and renew the curb.



Textures and Colour’s

Textures are impressions stamped into the concrete while it is still soft. They can be applied to low angle and flat top curbs only. In order to provide colour contrast in the impressions, and as part of the stamping process, secondary colours called “release” are used. This powdery stuff is applied to the wet concrete to keep the stamp from sticking much like a roller on cookie dough is used with flour to keep the roller from sticking. The release colours are washed into the surface before sealing, leaving an antique effect. So stamping and release colours go hand-in-hand. You should also be aware that the colour effects produced on tinted concrete vary’s widely.

TexturesThis is a colour chart for concrete however, as mentioned above colour effects produced on tinted concrete can vary widely.20150824_115836



Landscape Curbing In Tooele

Spring is the time for new beginnings and a perfect time to whip the yard into shape .  Maybe even give it a different look.  Decorative landscape curbing is the perfect way to spruce up your yard and provide that touch of class that gives your grass, trees and flowerbeds that WOW factor.  Huffaker Curbing provides Decorative Landscape Curbing in Tooele, Lake Point, Stansbury, Erda, Stockton, and Grantsville.  Call for a Free estimate (801-682-0310)

Your yard needs something but you just can’t put your finger on it.  You already have trees and flowers and a well establised lawn but there is something missing.  Landscape Curbing could be your answer.  Some curb edging around your lawn or a nice kidney shaped design around your flower garden or around your tree’s might just be the answer.  You can have decorative landscape curbing with coloring and stamping which creates a nice finished look.  If you live in the Tooele valley and wonder if there are services for Landscape Curbing in Tooele then you are in luck.  Huffaker Curbing provides these services for you where estimates are always Free.

Decorative landscape curbing ideas are not always easy to come by but by looking at pictures of what others have done can help you start your design.  If you’re a visual person like I am then seeing pictures of curbing helps make it easier to see the possibilities in your yard.  You can see some picture examples by clicking here.  From these pictures of Landscape Curbing in Tooele you will see examples of landscape curbing for:

Before Curbing Job

After Curbing Shot


  • Flower Gardens
  • Tree Beds
  • Paver Boarders
  • Lawn Boarders


These are only a few examples but should help get the creative juices flowing to help you imagine the possibilities in your yard.

Huffaker Curbing does Landscape Curbing in Lake Point, Stansbury, Erda, Tooele, Grantsville and Stockton.  We would be happy to help you out.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Give us a call at (801-682-0310).